Zodiac Bracelet – Gallstone Leather Bracelet- Available For All Zodiac Signs


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Zodiac signs give us great insights into our lives and also shed light upon our characteristics and the extraordinary qualities that we possess. Each zodiac sign has its quirks and traits. This unique zodiac bracelet features all the twelve zodiac signs on a retro circular plate individually. It is made of genuine leather and features two braided leather bands on the sides and one single band in the center. It also features black gallstones and other beads that rest on immaculate leather material. It comes with a secure clasp that prevents the bracelet from moving around a lot. It is light in weight, and the string is eight inches long, making it a suitable fit for all age groups and genders.

Its eye-catching design will leave others asking you about it. Purchase it for yourself or someone interested in zodiacs.


  • A beautifully handcrafted bracelet that highlights one of all twelve zodiac signs
  • Made of genuine leather with two braided straps and one band
  • Secured with a clasp that features black gallstones and beads
  • Made of light-weight material that is comfortable on the wrist


  • Material: Leather with Black Gallstones and Beads
  • Available Signs: Taurus / Sagittarius / Scorpio / Cancer / Virgo / Leo / Pisces / Aquarius / Aries / Gemini / Capricorn / Libra
  • Circumference: 8 inches
  • Color: Black


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