Your Screen Guard – Protects Your Phone Screen From Any Damage


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Every mobile screen needs a guard to protect it from those unwanted slips, pushes and falling off the desk. Instead of the same, we bring you an ultra-thin screen guard to keep your screen work efficiently. It comes with this fantastic technology that enabled to absorb the impact of any shocks or extreme pressures. It can withstand all kinds of trials of scratches.

While it guards and protects your screen, it does not in any way lower the sensitivity or clarity of your screen. The guard is, however, breakable, but just in case it breaks; it would break into small pieces which are not sharp. This screen guard is a must-have for people owning the Samsung galaxy s5. Book today to grab it now!   


  • A screen guard used to protect your mobile’s screen
  • It comes with a rounded edge, so you are not tempted to pull it off the screen
  • Bubble-free and requires easy and quick installation
  • Highly sensitive to your touches as your screen was before
  • The clarity with which it comes is truly unmatched
  • It is shatterproof and made for Samsung galaxy s5


  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Width: 0.30 mm