Motion Activated Lights – Upgrade Your Vehicle!


This is a great product to be used, especially during times of bad weather. An easy to install the light system, it glows brightly in different colors. It is fantastic for kids and people who ride the bicycle quite often. With a long lasting battery life of the LED lights used, they emerge as a solution in lousy weather or night time. Using the same, it saves your operational costs as well. The visibility levels are enhanced multiple times so that you can spot the intended person immediately.

One can choose amongst the bright and popping colors. This device is a simple 20-25 cms kind, which is lightweight and adds to the beauty of the cycle. Any person can install it without any technical help. It is also easy to detach. 


  • They are activated due to movement
  • It is mainly used in vehicles to glow the tires while moving
  • Easy to install and use
  • Uses LED lights that are energy efficient
  • Best used at the time of low visibility levels
  • These are neon lights available in multiple colors


  • Available Colors: Blue / Pink / Green / Yellow
  • Number: A pack contains 2 lights