Mini Electric Popcorn Maker




Air-based popcorn makers use hot air to pop your corn, which tends to result in supremely healthy popcorn. If that sounds a little ascetic for your taste, you can always add sauces or seasonings after the popcorn is made.

This Popcorn Machine, faster than a microwave and the other popcorn machine. Pops less than 2 minutes. Left very few unpopped kernels, provides you a theater-style treat. Make movie night even more fun for the whole family with this popcorn popper. 

It is quickly and simply cleaned with a swift swipe of the interior using a paper towel or cloth. 

Pops with hot air, not oil for a low-fat treat, healthier, and more economical than most microwaves. It is a good gift for kids, teens, and friends.



  • Easy to clean – simply wipe with a tissue.
  • Aluminum heat chamber design for quick popping.
  • With a transparent top cover for preventing scalded by water vapor.
  • Comes with measuring cup for ensuring the proper amount of kernels used(one cup at a time, about 60g).
  • Uses hot air to produce fresh popcorn, reducing calorie content. Enjoy your movie time at home.
  • Surprise and entertain your kids transforming your house into thanks to the popcorn maker.
  • Does not require the addition of oil, so the popcorn it produces is virtually fat-free, and an excellent source of fiber.
  • Easy to use, just add a scoop of corn kernels and switch on for a bowl full of delicious light and fluffy popcorn in minutes.



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