Luxury Modern Classic Fountain Pen – Stainless Steel Body


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The Luxury Modern Classic Fountain Pen is hand-sculpted with fashion-forward colors and designs. Featuring a sleek stainless steel body this pen is a must-have for the back to school/work season. Features a handy clip and a medium point to write with ease. 


Fountain pens use liquid ink and flow smoothly and require less pressure to write.  Along with their beautiful look these pens feel better than regular ballpoint pens because you don’t have to press down as hard as you write, writing with a fountain pen is much easier on the hands and allow for extended periods of writing without fatigue. Fountain pens are reusable and better for the environment, instead of throwing away a pen after use, you simply refill the ink. The fountain pen is reusable and with good care can last through the test of time.  

  • Suitable for calligraphers 
  • perfect for daily handwriting 
  • Refillable
  • Nib Type: Standard 
  • Nib Material: Iraurita
  • Material: Metal
  • Writing Point: 0.5mm

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