Eye Shadow – Get Any Look You Want with 88 Versatile Eye Shadow Shades!


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The cool 88 eyeshadow palette is loved by all, be it amateur make-up artists or the professional ones. There are 88 vibrant, versatile colors packed with a mirror and an applicator in this eyeshadow palette. These dazzling shades are long-lasting and are effortless to apply. The palette has a wide range of shades starting from nudes to rainbow shades to the darkest black. It will serve you for any look at any occasion. It can be extremely tedious and expensive to buy palettes with different shades you want. So, here it is, all you need carefully packed in a black palette.

One way to apply would be to start with the lightest color and spread it all over your eyelid as a base. Then apply a medium shade and finally, line and define your eyes with the darkest shade. You could also use the light shade as a highlighter. So, go to experiment with different shades and discover your favorite look with the fresh 88 eyeshadow palette.


  • Comes packed with vibrant and versatile eyeshadow shades
  • The colors range from nudes to bursting rainbow shades to the darkest black
  • The shades are easy to apply and long-lasting too
  • Makes up for different palettes as it has all the shades one could need