Digital Video Wrist Watch – with Built-in Camera


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This digital camera watch is a perfect combination of a durably built and fashionable watch and a discrete video recorder. The stylish design allows it to be worn in any situation. The undetectable mini pinhole camera allows you to capture both images and videos with full sound.
This incredible surveillance tool is widely used in business negotiations and crime investigation, which keeps evidence for business and court. Besides, the high sensitivity microphone also means you can use it to “take notes” during meetings, which is easier than worrying about trying to write everything down. 

Video Resolution: 640 x 480,30 frame / second (avi)
Photo Resolution: 1280*1024 (jpg)
USB Transfer Speed: 2.0 / 1.1(Hs)
Memory: 4GB
Built-in Lithium Battery
Color: Silver
Weight: 256g / 9.03oz
Watchband Length: 25 cm / 9.84”