Child Window Restriction Security Lock



We’ve all heard that most accidents happen at home. But did you know that accidents occurring in the home cause more injuries and far more fatalities to children than anything else?

For children, falls are the most common home accidents, by far. Kids play around, and they’re not too conscious yet about the risks life holds for us all. 

If a child falls through a second-story window, the result is not the same as it would be for an adult. And it’s evident that, all too often, screens only protect from mosquitoes.

The Safety Cable Lock is the perfect solution to provide a restricted opening of casement and sash windows, and can also be applied to doors and is the ideal choice to solve issues of security and health and safety.

This Safety Cable Lock increases window safety by allowing the window to be opened and closed to the restricted distance of 12.5cm without the use of a key each and every time.

Designed to meet current guidelines the simple and secure design is particularly suitable for Schools, Hotels, Care Homes, Hospitals and Offices, giving total control of all levels of safety in residential and commercial applications.



  • Product name: stainless steel door limit lock  
  • Cable length: 20cm/7.87inch 
  • Surface treatment: galvanized 
  • Color: white
  • Applicable places: family, hotel, large window, hospital, bank, etc. 
  • Quantity:1 set