Car Scratch Nano Repair Cloth



Paint Scratches? No Problem! Repair in seconds with this Car Scratch Nano Repair Cloth! 

Whether you drive a new or used car, discovering a new dent, scratch, or scuff mark can send you into a frustration spiral. Scratches and scuff marks are trickier because using the wrong stuff could make your car’s paint job look even worse.

This Car scratch remover cloth contains mineral oil, anti-wear oil, petroleum, Nano abrasive powder, wax powder, super fiber cloth, and essence. it can remove the car’s scratches and stains effectively, it can also restore vehicle color and protect paint surfaces.

The Scratch Removal System can remove light paint scratches and scuffs of your vehicle. Consisting of a three-stage system of sanding, it is designed to remove some defects to your car, like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk. This system is easy to use and comes with materials to repair multiple scratches.



 Nano special micro-dissolving technology
 Suitable For All Vehicles
 Multiple Repair Functions


Scratch remover cloth has super strength to repair multiple scratches, guano, colloid, paint oxidation, asphalt, rust stains, dirt, etc., polish and restore the color of cars in minutes in every corner.


Scratch remover cloth coming with detailed repair steps introduction for operating, it makes the scratch removal process so easy. Instead of spending hundreds of money in 4s shops, save money and time for you.


Scratch remover cloth can be used to remove the texture and scratches on car, alcohol, paint, ink, stickers and children’s graffiti that stick to household items such as porcelain and ceramic tiles.



  • Material: Nano-polyester fiber 
  • Size : 20*10*1CM
  • Weight : 0.01kg
  • Suitable: Universal For All The Cars