12 Color Lipstick Set – Gets You Ready for Any Occasion


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The lipstick set is a package of 12 different colors to fit all your color needs. The 12 color lipstick set comes in a portable size which becomes very convenient to carry while traveling. The 12 set lipsticks have every different shade from nudes to dark. It saves a lot of space and let you have all the different colors you need. While going on a vacation or attending any function overseas with this set of lipstick makes you ready to go in a few minutes. The lipstick set has all the shades for your mood, whether you want a nude for a normal day or a bold look for a party.

All these amazing shades at an unbelievably affordable price! The lipstick set is made with skin-friendly materials. The 12 color lipstick set makes a wonderful gifting idea for every woman out there. 


  • The lipstick set includes 12 different colors
  • The set comes in a portable size
  • From nudes to dark the set have all the shades
  • With this set, you can be ready for any occasion
  • A great gifting idea for any woman out there